This is not a conventional stand-up show nor talk show. It’s a CHATSHOW!

This is a unique format show where stand-up comedians / musicians do challenges and chat about stuff, and junk then perform their sets.

Comedy + Talk Show + Video Screening + Audience Participation

Season 1 episode 4 is featuring :

Ryan Belleville (CBC’s Working Moms and Just for Laughs like 2,000 times)

Darren Springer (The Ossington Comedy, Nick and Darren in conversation)

James Island (Character Comedy, The Ossington Comedy)

Derek Kalala

LIke always, hosted by your friends Andie Hong and Heather Macdonald

PWYC, Let’s do this!


** Tofunky produces two shows :

Shoplifters United : Sketch Partyshow (Formerly Partyshow)

is a quarterly show.

Happens at Comedy Bar on the third wednesday of February, May, August and November unless Comedy Bar has no space for us (then we move to different Wednesday)

Comedytron Chatshow

is a monthly show.

Happens at Social Capital Theatre on the second Tuesday of every month.

Previous Shows

Comedytron Chatshow : S01E03 (Mar, 21st, 2017, Social Capital Theatre)

Comedytron Chatshow : S01E02 (Feb, 14th, 2017, Social Capital Theatre)

Comedytron Winter Partyshow (Feb, 8th, 2017, Comedy Bar)

Comedytron Chatshow : Pilot (Jan, 10th, 2017, Social Capital Theatre)

Comedytron Autumn Partyshow (Nov, 16th, 2016, Comedy Bar)

Comedytron Summer Partyshow (Aug, 14th, 2016, Comedy Bar)

Comedytron Launch Partyshow (May, 18th, 2016, Comedy Bar)

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